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Horror Trilogy

Bequemoth make Quad





Cross Dresser High on Flakka Kills Neighbours Pygmy Goat 

Part 1



music of the Gemini

Caligula      F.X Leach

Side           Side

Pig Slaughter

in Thailand

ging jesu

flying luudas egg

Rupture Claw Gulch . Brampton.Stoven.three foot Man. looks like Horse. Eat 1600 Klbs Cow. walks round town in cow skin and Face. Talks Cow. Looks down at leg, it is clean

Dirty Blood.jpg

Fell from the sky . Many saw giant claw appear as if from Spirit of Dread Lantern. Many Bison Fall. in the Field of lungs. Kill Toffee Judge..Pope.. Judas For His Sins upon the Butter Christ. Lemon Figure. Pork Rain down Bear on awning. beef Chop. Beef Lynchings and Crane Rubble Chinese fall headlong into 'Tubby Cheese' Vat. Scrape along with bl00d chum for shak-to chapter on Vishtu .Fish-Eye in Cape.

sacrificialDaggers. sulky fees apply now           67rrrrrrze5     

Fell from the sky .Hit Ground.     Dead.                                                               vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv v 

Dirty Blood.jpg

Two Years on the Rock

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