with Von Sharklor

Horror Trilogy

Eat that Filth ! Jasper !

Grease Flugg 





Part 1

Death  of  Everything

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Chimp Washes CorvetteL+Text.jpg

Fishhead Conundrum . Deavo.ri Krispies Down Front. Scar on Forehead .Part of Brain Removed?. Never really comes in to Focus. Lobes of Ear Unnaturally Large. Eyes seem to Dart Round. Looks like Igor with Pot Belly. Died in the Wool Football Hooligan. Lives for Battle and pornography.

Dirty Blood.jpg

Beware of the God and the Satan.The Buddha and the Death

The vile Smell of rancid Foam. Rubber Burning. Flesh Tires open Fire ! Bone on the Branch cocks his Head back to sing aria. Dixit Dominus Splays out from Seemingly Nowhere. Bone on Branch Sing Happily Away

Break the Spell and awaken your unlighted Christian Sparks Join Freely and with Your own Will


Church of


Dirty Blood.jpg
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