Wizards, oh buzards of


time and sound

Oh the


Grue. oh The Nox of quil + bleating. parting skulls of forethought Quimese For erver

Filthy Rotten

bedlam AFIRE smell of doom charnel linger

New Eagleclaw Ghost
~ A bit like Hillage
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We. like the Great Dali love Bunters and Stack Paper as an artform like the Maestro and King of Paper Stacking. Big Snoop Dogg.





Stupid with Dog Letter. Dog doesn't use Putty. or Woof Beater

Balloon Jesus Disxovered on Moon, Klaxtons s wail. Reveled to be Ginger

eagleclaw ghost

eagleclaw ghost

Pope blamed for withering Lombs in Infants. Peter Paul and Mary

South plauged by Mystery Ding. Top Head being Flat


Man cooks own head in Microwave.


Neighbours stated:  his microwaving head 'smelt like Chicken'.


of the land or of the sea ? we ask.

You want horseleg Crank ? nend hive /3P_Severin6 -)8-Cacylin 8-Cacylin Provac 903. biller, P-sev, Ventolin. MD 20/20

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Bree is a spirited and standout filly Strong in Gunt and chally takes a Constitiotonal shit bath with Rovers . Bree will Piss in your Face for a Fiver,  inspiration comes from the Chigger Gully. With Nackian.

Bullish Bright W/Chancre

Reasons, Buller ! Reasons ! waht are Reasons. Like Fucking Chiggers !

Figure of Eight Screwball - Ice Cream on top Bubblegum Ball in Bottom contains Explosives or Poison

Bittter ! we ! Bitter ! This Is Like Lemon sucking Feeessshhhh

Filigree Lip Chattel...Henri Where is thee Bird ? >

Broken Off Monkey Arm

Broken Off Monkey Arm

eagleclaw ghost




New Wave Musician

Bubbling Canker Roaxh


6ft Turkeys_edited_edited.jpg
wacky ca[ers3.JPG

Shit Brown Lever

Beast with no Eyes

the family all Grins at me. little Billy Horse stretches his Leg around his Neck to make a Swing. Piper laughs in a grotesque Eyeball falls out.Quickly scarfs it up and a new one pops out but it is evill  and weeps poison blood down his cheek Fork Tounge on Piranha in VCage it’s Eye extended ro infinite me. Potato  holds up his right arm with the palm of the hand facing me ... the classical milennia old blessing gesture .there is Eye here to blinking in Palm.. and while sending me light trough synthesis he puts out his tongue out and back in again Lightning fast saying ‘I am Judas I am Sluglord The Death.  Hell bringer from the stinking depths of the Hardes. Like Toe Truck Beaver from Behind, Fuck You in Eye and Bent up used nub of homes No Flesh to cover ears and 'Squid' in a joyfull happy mode ... like it is such a wise message gives me to be jolly and with happy spirit ... not too much give worth to the words but their emotions being transported …and then

destroyed from River Taint 10/05/75


Statue of Hitler Bleeds Cheese through Anus

Cellophane hand scanenges for waste blubber . Off whale in distance fuck you whale canoe bright sun with tree forset lined quim beak in bloom of tack button cotton wired server to bridge. Head dump fractal technology booth on the left next to the hatch full of mud . did he see Current Spark. Old Sparkee.  
Viper on sleeve ripple hails taxi in distance feels through feet suction pad like underside of mat tartare sparky quite . Blob of Runner frightened all seated leapt 50 foot in the air. 
chocolate werewolf feature in bath room spare no peasant off with their heads immediately. Buller ! make Haste affix the rubber gurney to that 20 pound sack of worms. chippy.


Diarihheo Breech

A West Virginia man will not be held criminally responsible for allegedly stealing, raping and killing his neighbor’s goat while high on bath salts because the judge declared him not competent to stand trial.

Mark Lucas Thompson, 20, pleaded not guilty to the alleged crime by reason of mental illness, according to The Associated Press. Kanawha Circuit Judge James Stucky accepted the plea and sent Thompson to William Sharpe Mental Hospital for six and a half years of treatment.

On May 2, 2011, Thompson was found by his neighbor in his bedroom with the dead pygmy goat. Thompson was allegedly wearing women’s underwear, the Charleston Daily Mail reported at the time. The goat was bought as a present for the neighbor’s grandson. When the goat went missing, she went looking for it.

Neighbors had suspected Thompson, who reportedly exhibited erratic behavior in the past, had taken the goat, the Charleston Gazette reports. When police apprehended Thompson, he told them he had been high on bath salts, a synthetic cocaine, for three days. When police later searched the home, they allegedly found a pornographic magazine lying near the goat’s dead body. Thompson is believed to have sodomized the animal.

Thompson was indicted by a grand jury on two charges of animal cruelty and petit larceny, according to the Charleston Daily Mail. His mental health had been debated in court previously. On Monday, assistant prosecutor Fred Giggenbach said: “I’m convinced the defendant committed these crimes, but I’m convinced he suffers from serious mental disease or defect. He needs mental health treatment, and in fairness a regional jail is not the place for him.”


flapping Clamydia labels Chalk responsible for funny Noise

Who is the FSC ?


Two Donkeys walk into a pub .see, one of them looked funny. dressed in a cape . The other had his old chap out.

Sheckels form nice over hades buckey. 
blowing bubbles through the anus captured on X-Ray night vision to catch the spooks. Knuckles dragging upon feather brain clod in corner gesturing like a twat , Piss Piss ! come Here Piss ! 
hold on hard to the railing and don't slip with that Beaver over due . Sad is like a strap cuts you on the arse. like  billy boy jasper .purple stand Bacon quiver in the dusty dusk beaver approaching . kick it's head off dumpling. thing is like a rat.... poo have you shit yourself. Booger ! Not me grand pa not me twack  twack, not much blood on this potato field. raining bison thunder all in chapps he hew Dragging Gimps up side down Lynching in the Carskill mountains stiil left over from veet naaam. 
counseling for 35 shit filled years that or the Booby. Please leave via the Balloon Picture, which balloon ? cheese or bacon . like a kebab meat face. 

Fake Vom.jpg

Chili Fries - Epidemic ?

Beef cattle production represents the largest single segment of American agriculture.   Small bones and bone fragments may be eaten only to be later regurgitated or

For instance, in cases of buried corpses the U.S. beef industry is made up of more Ujiji light through the open palm  than one million damp, twenty-four hour butcher-knives after falling off a cliff. Butter Butter Goat